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How to properly maintain a horse

How to properly maintain a horse

How to properly maintain a horse
Keeping the horse in a warm, dry farm environment. It is possible to keep a horse in a private house both in a stable (as a rule, for one — maximum two horses), and in a stable, divided into compartments limited from each other for many individuals.

The stables are divided into stalls and stalls. In the stables, horses are fed, cleaned and temporarily resting. Denniks are called places of residence and care for horses. The size of the horse’s resting area should be such that the individual can comfortably fit while lying down and stretch his legs. More free spaces should be provided for mares with foals.

Materials for the walls of the stalls must be durable, preferably woodworking products. Nets should be installed to allow eye contact between horses and to avoid stagnant air.

The doors to the stall should be at least 1.2 m wide; it is more convenient to use swing or sliding mechanisms. In this case, the opening of the door should occur outward.
At home, it is better to use stone or paving stones as flooring for horses. Installation of drainage ditches will reduce the time for cleaning the premises. To avoid injury to the horses’ hooves, it is better to lay a rubber mat on a hard floor surface, covering it with a litter.

Straw, wood pellets or shavings work well as bedding material.

How to feed a horse
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The horse’s diet is based on grass. However, vegetation is highly influenced by changing climatic conditions, which makes it less useful. Therefore, it is necessary to add other feed such as hay to the food.
Dried herbs and plants are needed in the amount of 15 kg per day per individual. You can distinguish well-prepared hay by its pleasant smell, bright green color. No heat should come from the haystack. A yellow or brown color indicates a decrease in nutritional value.

Proper storage of hay requires a dry, well-ventilated area. In such conditions, the shelf life can be no more than 2 years.